Kaggle MNIST digit recognition

One of the active competitions on Kaggle is for hand written digit recognition using the popular MNIST dataset.

Using a Jupyter Notebook that I put up on Github, I created a model using Keras and was able to get rank #1241 with an accuracy of 0.98857.

Using the model above, I’ve been focusing on using the ‘patience’ variable for an early stopping callback while fitting the model. The accuracy seems to max out at 10 epochs. After that you can get an little bit of improvement in accuracy over the next 10 epochs but at the risk of over fitting.

I plan on adding some data visualizations to plot the training and results.

There are also two additional notebooks in the repo for viewing the dataset by plotting the pixels

You can also create kernels on the Kaggle site, but if the site goes down (like it did last night and this morning) you can be out of luck trying to commit changes.

MNIST digit recognition on Github

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